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Energy Medicine Practitioner

Last Updated: 6/7/14

Updates in PINK This week

I will be taking my Associate Polarity Practitioner training from the Wellness Institute in Brooklyn, NY sometime in 2015.

Explain the various ways I use Energy Medicine.  Polarity Therapy, Quantum Touch, etc.

I'm working toward my Associate Polarity Practitioner certification as my primary form of energy medicine with therapeutic touch.  I was introduced to Polarity Therapy back in 2008 when I started my initial massage therapy training in which the modality was infused in a unique type of massage.  My massage teacher, had fallen off a horse and suffered a dislocated hip.  She was in a lot of pain and the only option was surgery.  She received Polarity Therapy healing from Bruce Berger of the Ananda Institute and her hip clicked back into place by itself.  No surgery was needed.  From then on she dedicated her life to teaching Polarity Therapy through her own massage approach.  

I will be training in Brooklyn, New York at the Wellness Institute by Roger Gilchrist.  It is a combination of distance learning and in person seminars.  I have also taken an introductory course at the Southwestern Institute of Healing Arts in Arizona in basic Polarity Therapy. 

To get a better sense of what Polarity Therapy is and the history behind it, please check out Roger Gilchrist's videos below.




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