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Last Updated: 6/10/15

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I chose a career path in natural medicine as a result of my healing experiences and encounters with various natural medications, therapies and supplements in successfully treating my fibromyalgia symptoms.  In 2009 I was officially diagnosed as having fibromyalgia.  The conventional medicine treatment options only included drug therapies and since fibromyalgia is highly individualistic in its symptomology, the amount of medications I would have had to be on indefinitely since fibromyalgia at present does not have a known cure would have been detrimental to my health.  I have the majority if not all of the associated symptoms listed as fibromyalgia symptoms.  Chronic medication reliance of this vast amount for an indefinite period was simply an unacceptable option for me.

I read up on the alternative treatments listed on Mayo Clinic's website associated with fibromyalgia and found that one by one, natural therapies and natural supplements were effectively managing my symptoms to the point of cure.  This sparked my interest in pursuing a career as a doctor of natural medicine.

I reviewed several naturopathic medical schools and found that there wasn't one that I felt drawn to or a correct fit for me.  So I decided to focus on accumulating various trainings and scopes of practice in integrative medicine therapies such as massage, reflexology, personal training and so forth.

Then I discovered a school that was the perfect fit for me.  The school I will be attending is Quantum University located in Honolulu, Hawaii which has a land campus as well as an online education program format.  I will be taking the PhD track in Natural Medicine.  My title will be a DNM, a Doctor of Natural Medicine.  It's different from what a Naturopathic Doctor or ND is.  The standards of the DNM are parallel to and in some instances surpass the curricula for Naturopathic Doctors.  The primary difference is that an ND is a licensed health profession.  A DNM is currently an unlicensed health profession. 

A DNM is natural medicine based on the science of quantum physics.  An ND is a graduate of a four-year natural medical school.  I chose to pursue a DNM primarily because it is cutting edge science - the science of healing with light, energy, and sound (quantum physics) as well as it being a new health profession with new research opportunities, and because it`s delivered in an online format which allows me to keep my life in San Francisco the same.

I attened the 2013 World Congress of Quantum Medicine in Hawaii hosted by the school, met the founder and was very impressed with the research being done as well as the caliber of people attending this school.  When the founder asked me, "What is Quantum Medicine?" (to see what my resonse would be, I said, "It`s the new science."  To which he responded, "Yes!"

To see a list of the courses I will be taking to pursue this degree track, please click on this site and click on the tab marked "Curriculum" and view the PhD in Natural Medicine track or the courses listed in the PhD section.  Also for a fuller understanding of the differences between what a DNM does and a ND does, click on the tab that says "Benefits":

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I am commited to lifelong learning and advancement in the fields of massage therapy and energy medicine.  That commitment involves actively participating and attending regional and/or national conferences of all types and ongoing continued education.  My involvement includes:

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which is a self-stress assessment designed to help you evaluate 3 important aspects:  stressors at work & personal life, your physical and behavioral signs of stress, and the effectiveness of your current coping skills and resources.

Free information will be provided to you if you complete this self-assessment to help guide you in reducing the stress in your life and you'll have the option of a custom-designed program based on your information and scores.

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